21 Sep

Dare to imagine beyond your wildest dreams

Dare to imagine beyond your wildest dreams

Sunday Creative opened it's doors in 2011 as a small studio out of Newport Beach, Ca. The goal was pretty simple then, drum up enough business to pay the rent. Now, here we are, nine years later. Time has flown by, and we're about to hit our tenth anniversary in January.

But to understand the meaning of that launch, you need to know what lead up to it. Launching a studio had been a dream for many years, not without fear, excitement, and some naive ideas.

In the beginning, the studio struggled in a few areas. Pricing and managing a wide variety of project types among them. As I learned, running a business required so much more than design skills. So I put aside my assumptions and got to work on revenue-generating tasks only.

The challenges were soon resolved as I simplified our business model. I relied on phone calls, emails, and a private Dropbox link for a portfolio. No social media or even a website. I also said no to every project that wasn't iOS or Android product design.

That worked for many years, and it was okay for the current goal- paying rent. But it's time for a change. The studio has to evolve to meet the needs of the market, and also continue to fit within my lifestyle.

When I began the studio, it only had to provide for my wife and me. We were young, and deciding to start a business didn't need more than a five-minute conversation.

One day I let her know that I was growing bored with my work and that I wanted to become a designer. She supported the idea, and three months later, I quit my job and went full-time. At the time, it was the scariest thing I could have done. Looking back now, it didn't take much to take us from a $24,000/yr salary to six figures in a matter of twelve months.

Lately, we have been expanding our client roster to make design accessible. Instead of startups only, we're now working with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. I now want to package my skills into services that any company can use.

As a result, the change has opened up our services to branding and everything that falls within. Many of our new clients begin with brand strategy and identity and later return for web and product. This is now allowing us to help our clients further in their journey as they develop their services.

In your wildest dreams, you could not imagine that such things could happen.

I didn't back then.

Now, my wife and I have two kids.

I've worked with companies in education, fintech, healthcare, and automotive space.

As I said earlier, it's time for Sunday to evolve into something new. And this time, we all get to come along for the ride.

Sunday continues to be a dream that, at some point, also became a reality. For our family, though, it's a blessing. The studio makes every day feel like Sunday and allows us to dream bigger than ever before.

Now, I dare you to dream bigger than you ever have.

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