19 Sep

Do you have a hobby or a business?

Do you have a hobby or a business?

It was 2017, and I found myself between clients. I billed one client and knew that I was going to have two weeks before starting the next scheduled project. It was the moment that triggered the endless research on passive income for the last time.

We all have all been down that path at some point in our freelance career. For me, the idea of diversifying my income streams is what made it so appealing. I have been in situations where a manager holds back raise to dangle a carrot in front of me. I have also been in miserable work environments, thanks to the founder's arrogance. In either case, I always swore it would be the last time I would allow someone to have a say in my future.

I've been very uneasy talking about passive income or content creation. Mostly because of all the BS out there. I won't hold back any punches, but there's enough of it within the design industry. Spend any amount of time on Dribbble, and you'll find cool designs that don't work. Twitter has plenty of snarky design tweets. And Instagram has many insta-famous designers giving poor advice. To say that I have struggled with this myself is an understatement. Many of these people are incredible if you get to know them, though.

As I look around at other creatives I admire, I see many of them scaling design studios, retail shops, and creating digital goods. Know what they have in common? They are heads down working on real businesses. Not on providing value by regurgitating something they heard a famous entrepreneur say. You can worry and boasting about your follower count, or you can focus on creating products that people want to buy.

I knew there was a way to diversify my income, strengthen my financial independence, and stay true to who I am.

Enter Sunday Type Co. — a desire to diversify, combined with a passion for type, is what ultimately gave birth to this type foundry.

Aside from experimenting with vlogs and podcasts, which have helped in allowing me to help clients understand their marketing, type design is the one thing that has made the most sense for me.

Type has been at the center of every stage in my creative path. 

It was through type that I learned to draw while making graffiti sketches in my notebooks in grade school.

Later, type helped me understand layout working for the high school yearbook.

Responsive web would have been challenging if it wasn't for type, since I didn't have the experience to design much else.

Then, type was the first thing I mastered when made a move to product design.

Until then, other experiments like vlogging and podcasting had been a hobby. But this was different — it was the last time I was going to research passive income and was finally going to build something of my own. It was also the first time I focused on the type itself by learning type design.

It took two years from that point to complete my first typeface, but I finally did it. The launch of the font and new type foundry gave my studio a whole new mission, and me a second full-time job.

I plan to share more about the progression of Sunday Type Co. in the coming weeks and regular monthly income reports. Hopefully, not too embarrassing when most months continue to be $0, but that will change if it's going to grow into an actual business.

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