19 Sep

How to run a remote design sprint

How to run a remote design sprint

Since we’re shrinking the timeframe of the design sprint without omitting any of the original process, time is tight. To give ourselves breathing room, we run a lot of the research before the sprint itself. Product & design independently research the problem, interview customers about their challenges, and prepare detailed notes of their findings. As IDEO’s design strategy lead, Jason Fund, once said: “The hardest week of a remote sprint is the week before.”

IDEO is running 2-day design sprints, using the first to map and sketch to create a bunch of solutions to our problem. Day two is used to analyze every solution before ultimately picking one to move forward with.

Despite the short sprint, notice that as it has always been with every well run sprint, there is never an answer or solution dictated before the sprint begins. Research aside, which can happen outside of the print and is meant to help frame your problem, the sprint is where you come up with solutions for the problems that your research uncovered.

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